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female inspirational speakers

You are their dream do you think Martin Luther King had a good idea right he’s walking down the street one day he says wait black white I got a drink over here because of my color do you think he added did did you think that he was offended by that yes sir yes and.

Then he said you know what enough is enough enough is enough how many of you today have been senior thinking you know what there’s a few things in my life I want to change no honestly raise your hand like you’re sitting there but you don’t want to tell your friend because you want to be cool guy cool girl.

But you’re honestly sitting there and you’re doodling you made like a little butterfly and lo goofy face and a goatee guy and you’re like you know what what if Stephen what Stephen said really works what if what Lea said really works what if what Jeff said really works why don’t I just try it out what’s that going to hurt right so we go to this guy’s your education okay I’ve been teaching years guys all right I’ve traveled all around the nation speaking to rock stars like you and.

This is the one thing that stops so many boys and girls and teenagers is they honestly think they’re not smart enough trick question you ready how long does it take to get a four-year degree how long does it take to get a four-year degree okay there’s something called the law of , hours it takes time guys.

I don’t like math how many of you don’t like math I do not like math and I’m not afraid to tell anybody about it because when I would be in school I would read and I think you know what I really tried I really tried because there’s a pretty girl that sat next to me.

So I wanted to be like oh yeah math is rad John Hector and Samantha built a house in four hours Tom Henry and Johanna helped out how many hours will it take to build a house I love these they need to rent an apartment right guys in life you’re gonna have about to teachers all right kindergarten first grade second grade third grade fourth grade fifth grade sixth grade seventh grade eighth grade ninth grade th grade th grade th grade college graduate school you’re gonna about teachers you know me you’re gonna remember do you know how many of you think two or give me a Superman.

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